What’s New In Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021?

Microsoft Office 2021 Home And Business Mac

After the release of Office 2019, Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 was launched as its successor. This version was launched on October 5, 2021, with Window 11, available with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. It is a non-subscription version for personal, official, and small businesses.

Classic 2021 version can be used after a one-time purchase only with many similar but updated features. Microsoft Office 2021 is available for 60 days at no extra charges and is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, and macOS. In Office 2021, you can find many exciting features, tools, data types, functions, editing tools, and many more.

What are Office Home and Business 2021?

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 is an exciting new version toolkit. It is a combination of all necessary tools used for offices, home and business. Here you can use Word, Excel, Outlook, OneNote, and PowerPoint.

Facilities offered by Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021:

Installation Available For Different Platforms

Microsoft 2021 needs internet service to install and activate, but one can use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint without the internet. In addition, you can activate the toolkit for Windows 11, Windows 10, and Mac Operating Systems.

Never-Ending license

Once you have installed the Office 2021 toolkit and purchased licenses, you don’t have to renew it every year. Instead, you can use it as a one-time purchase license as long as the product exists.

Bring All Classic Application Together

Desktop applications like word, OneNote, Excel, and PowerPoint are available with the latest features. After you purchase this toolkit and install it on your MacBook or Window, you can access all their advantages.

Microsoft Word 2021

It is a professional document desktop application used for editing and formatting text. You can insert media like images and other tables quotes and also available with a spelling checker.

Microsoft Excel 2021

The latest version of spreadsheets allows you to add or create professional calculations and view data according to the filters you set. You can also use already available calculations and functions.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2021

If you are interested in creating multiple presentations, you can use PowerPoint 2021. You can edit any slide with a touch interface and share it online with others.

OneNote 2021

With the OneNote Office Home & Business 2021 exciting application, you can record your important ideas and notes. You can also insert photos and quotes from the internet with a digital pen and other devices here.

Users of Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021

Microsoft products have been available for decades, as business person still relies on all the platforms provided by industry. Not only business but also many other institutional sectors work with these products.

For Business & Institutes

Office 2021 is a boon for business work as these platforms are adopted to overcome the paperwork. Handling hard copy data for a long time is not possible. Of course, large industries have large amounts of data. They keep records of employees, materials, and many other important business documents. So many businesses should adopt these platforms. Many businesses have installed the toolkit already.

For institutes and schools, one can use these platforms by keeping records of students, teachers, student fees, attendance, and many other things. So, these applications are also very beneficial for large and small institute.

For Families and Personal Use

Not only business but these applications are also used for home or personal use area. Housewives can use these tools in their daily life. They can make a list of their monthly expense reports and track their spending. If they know the platforms, they can help their children to teach them about the different applications. In OneNote, you can add your important notes or schedule that you want to do per day. You can also schedule the meetings on OneNote.

When people live at home like a housewife or college student who knows, they can get part-time work. One can also use these tools for the development of your career. As these Excel sheets, Word and PowerPoint are also essential for daily routine work.

Office 2021 for Professional

If you are professional, then you may be familiar with Office 2021. The toolkit contains one-time purchase for one PC only. If you are using these tools, then you already know their benefits. Microsoft Office Home and Business kit are beneficial for professional users like scientists, software developers, and website designers.

Scientist can prepare their reports and analyze reposts of experiments they perform monthly basis. As software developers, they can use different tools to store data or share them when asked to share the details online. Website designers can create different presentation portfolios of their projects. Not only with this, these applications are also used for many proposes.

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2021 for macOS

There are many applications like Word, Excel in macOS, but it is important to use Microsoft Office toolkit due to some circumstances. Hence many MacBook users look for the Microsoft version toolkit.

First, Microsoft has launched Office 365, but the version has some drawbacks as it gets regularly updated with new features. But it is so hard to update the version from time to time. So Microsoft has offered Office 2021 Home and Business for Mac operating system for their clients. The Office 2021 for macOS includes Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

With these features and updates, Microsoft has also gained many Mac users. The version also includes the Teams and conferencing programs for business and other users. In addition, many customers have subscribed to package Office 2021.

With Office 2021 license includes 5–10-year plan support purchased for each device. In addition, the Microsoft Office 2021 macOS version have some features that were only accessible in Microsoft 365. But now, the version has extended to the same collection of graphics, photos, and icons. Now, Office 2021 users can use word and documents easily.

There are many features Office 2021 provides for writers as they can focus on a single line while writing any text. In addition, the feature helps in focusing online without getting distracted.

Excel Features

Excel for macOS contains some formulas in the Office 2021 version available with different variants. With these versions, you can use the excel document fast and easily. Excel with new features includes XLOOKUP, which makes searching easier. The new feature XMATCH, with feature one can search the item and return to the position and the LET feature is also new in the Office 2021 macOS.

PowerPoint Features

With Office 2021, a PowerPoint presentation can be saved as a GIF file and saved word and PowerPoint graphics into SVG format. When website designers design or create a page, the image can be scaled properly and with quality. You can also record narration in your slide shows. Another new feature is replaying the ink stroke to draw and illustrate things.

Word Feature

The new Word feature will predict the sentence based on words while typing, as this text predictions feature is already launched in web-based Outlook. This feature helps when users start writing typical phrases, as it is now identified by Office 2021. The suggested words are displayed in grey color. If the user wants to enter the words, only set the phrase according to that. If one does not want suggestions, they can reject suggestions by pressing the Escape key on the keyboard. In addition, you can change the background color to avoid eye strain.

Other Changes 

Not only with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, there are also many changes; the accessibility to use these applications has improved. Skype for business has now available for Office 2021 Mac users to download. OneNote is available for both Office versions with 32-bit and 64-bit versions support. 

What’s new in Office 2021

With a handful of new features, this version contains what is said about this toolkit. The version includes improvement, accessibility, and many other advanced features. Features like dark mode, dynamic array and LOOKUP (), line focus, and narration in PowerPoint is not it all but many other features:

Co-Author documents

This feature is worked with real-time. As in the feature, you can work with other authors on the same documents simultaneously. When you change anything in documents, then every author you care working with can see the update simultaneously.

The document’s main head owner does not need to update their co-authors’ authors separately. There is no need to send emails or extra notes about your updates in updated documents.

The main author of the file can share the file directly by sending them a request on their email. At the same time, they can also restrict the users who don’t want to see those files.

Modern Commenting

The feature of modern commenting is very beneficial in Home and Business 2021 for both mobile and web versions. The feature has added a new experience to the commenting feature:

Comment anchoring

The commenting feature is anchored with new experience, as comments are added to the item. So if the object will move, the comment will move along with the object. So it is easy to recognize which part of the slide to check on the reviewers commenting on and see that later.

Use the commenting anchoring is simple to use. You just need to select the slide you need to note on, and then you should select comment and mention option from review tab.

Here, you can also type a new comment at right post to finish the comment in the pane. Once your comment is posted, you can pull comment anywhere you want in the document.

Comment in Margin

Here with the feature, you can also comment on the margin of the pane. To use all the commenting features, you can open the pane. To start comments pane, click the comment button on the top of the PPT.

Anchor comment in the text

This feature is new; you can comment on the specific range in the text rather than in an object. You can add the anchored text to the specific line. To add a comment to the text, you have to select text that you want to comment on and then click the on new comment in above review tab and click new in the comment pane. This way, it will highlight the text. The highlighted text shade depends on the text pane’s color.

You can highlight the text and any text that you have highlighted expands the area. When you use this feature, you will know that changes in the text will be visible according to the pane hover and on selection.

Mention Commenting

The feature is available only for businesses and other industry users. You can simply type @ symbol to start mentioning the name or email with to symbol.

When you have finished mentioning the user in the comment, the users will get a notification in their mailbox. The mentioned person can now see the file you have shared with them.

Know your Co-Authors

When you are using Office 2021, this new feature allows you to see who the users are working with within the document. This feature is available in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

With this, you can see where and what work other users is doing in the document. In addition, if there is anything you need to update in these documents, you can update it, and users can see it in real-time.

Visual Refresh

Office 2021 has this new feature that allows you to modernize your experience. The feature gives the refreshed tabs in the ribbon.

The visual refresh feature has now come up with a very clean and clear style. In addition, there is a neutral color palette with softer Window corners with iconography and other simple feature.

XLOOKUP () function

You can use the function XLOOKUP to find the things in the table. So, for example, you can look in the column in the search terms. And then, after the result, you can go back to the same row in another column.

The LOOKUP function is used with different arguments like XLOOKUP (lookup_value), XLOOKUP (lookup_array), and much other syntax that make work easier.

Let Function

Let function allows storing intermediate calculations and values. It also defines the name inside the formula. The calculation result is assigned the name in this feature.

Translate Ink in Outlook

The feature allows you to translate around 70 different languages in Outlook. In addition, you can also transcript the email of different languages in the Outlook itself simultaneously.

Another quality of Office 2021 is to annotate the images and other graphics with the help of a pen, finger, and mouse in a separate canvas.

There are a lot more things that can be expected from Office 2021. But, of course, it does not end with these features, but also, there is a lot more to know.

How is Office 2021 different from Office 2019?

The Office 2016 and 2019 were released with recent traditional Office suits. These versions are for a one-time purchase for both PC and macOS as they are kept versions for you forever. Word, Excel Outlook and PowerPoint are used for Office and home purposes. But when the new version comes up in the upcoming future, it is important to upgrade the toolkit. There will be no other option than to update the software and pay full prices.

So to overcome these drawbacks, Office 2021 has been released. It is the only standalone version of the Microsoft software industry. The toolkit includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. This is not like Microsoft 365, as it is not a cloud-based kit. It was released on October 5, 2021, with Window 11 as the successor of Office 2019. There are many features added in Office 2021 with the maintained prices.

The difference between Office 2019 and 2021 is:

Collaborate in real-time

Office 2021 is used for personal and Office use, and it includes some features of Google document style. Office 2021 also provides collaboration features in real-time. But this feature is not available in the Office 2019. When the users of Office 2021 work or changes are made in excel or word files are visible to the other users working with the current file.

Window 11, feel and look

Office 2021 has a new look for Window 11 and is available for MacBook too. The rounded Window with the new look has, and the feature of Office 2021 looks exciting for the users as it contains a neutral color palette which makes it look mostly used by the customers.


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